Eyewear Expertise: What is Luxury?

The Luxury Experience of 10/10 Optics

Consult a dictionary, and you’ll find “luxury” defined as a state of great comfort. Extravagance. Opulence. A bed of roses.

Luxury eyewear is not about the money.

Rather, it’s about the beauty and unique qualities that come with handmade designs from artists who work in different mediums that are both gorgeous and tactile.

At 10/10 Optics, we offer a truly unique luxury eyewear experience. The introduction to eyewear craftsmanship and creativity is not common or easy to find, and when our patients experience it firsthand, the results are always exciting.

According to our in-house style and eyewear fashion expert and shop owner, Ruth Domber, 10/10 Optics strives to provide our patients with a three-tiered luxury experience:

First, our artisan-driven frame selection featuring unique eyewear pieces from independent designers all over the world
Second, our skilled staff of opticians is always ready to offer fashion and optical expertise
And most importantly, we thrive on caring customer service that is always friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable. We know this because our patients keep coming back!

Expensive Eyewear Vs.
Luxury Eyewear

FYI: Luxury brands are often confused with big name brands that have the price tag, but lack the artisan craftsmanship and handcrafted quality of independent luxury eyewear products.

Something we often encounter as artisan eyewear purveyors is that there are many eyewear brands patients believe to be luxurious, but in truth, are mass-produced frames made in big factories. These household names tend to lack the care and individuality given to each and every pair of luxury eyewear frames that we carry and love.

(BTW — This was addressed in an excellent 60 minutes segment: Sticker Shock: Why are glasses so expensive?)

10/10 Optics is committed to serving our patients and friends with only the the most interesting and beautiful eyewear. We source and curate our eyewear collections from independent artisans, local designers and boutique ateliers from around the world.

Some of our favorite luxury eyewear collections include…

Gold & Wood • Known for their use of unusual materials such as fine timber, precious metals and buffalo horn. Fun fact: 10/10 Optics is the flagship location for Gold & Wood on the East Coast! Learn more about the collection here.

Bird & Cage • Buffalo horn eyeglasses handmade by Max Shustovskiy in NYC. These one-of-a-kind eyewear pieces are available as both ready made pieces or can be ordered as a custom created bespoke design.

Apis Horn • Buffalo horn eyeglasses handcrafted in Germany, specifically designed and created for us.

Lucas De Stael • Paris-borne experimental handcrafted eyewear created in a workshop inside an old printing factory. LDS uses leather, granite, stone, famed animal skins, stainless steel. Materials that previously have not been used in eyewear styles, now break through to eyewear fashion at its best.

Adam Mugavero • Custom creations from NYC artist and craftsman made exclusively for our patients. Check out the 10/10 Optics commissions here. (pics of his creations and patients wearing them?)

Deloor • In NYC we wear black, black, and more black. I believe that we are color starved and Deloor is the answer. Each unique Deloor frame is made of layers and layers of colors (think geology) Available exclusively at 10/10 Optics, this artsy collection features a personal rainbow in every single frame—no two are alike!

We love introducing patients to our products and sharing our expertise in eyewear fashion. Please visit us to experience the true meaning of luxury; comfortable, hand-crafted and unique. You may also learn more about our luxury collections here, or give us a call at (212) 366-1010.