Product Showcase:
Gold & Wood

10/10 Optics is Gold & Wood’s Official Flagship Location on the East Coast!

We search worldwide for artisan eyewear collections created with both beauty and passion. Among the premier artisanal collections is Gold & Wood,out of Luxembourg , admired all over the world for their handcrafted designs of exquisite natural materials like wood, gold and buffalo horn. As the purveyors of finer eyewear, we are delighted to say that 10/10 Optics was chosen as Gold & Wood’s New York City flagship location.

What Makes Gold & Wood Unique

Only the Best Materials

As hinted at in their name, Gold & Wood’s most distinctive quality is the materials with which they craft their eyepieces—gold and wood being two of them. Led by founder and CEO, Maurice Leonard, Gold & Wood chooses only the best materials, whether it’s responsibly sourced fine timber, precious metals, or even animal skins.

Rare Availability

Though Gold & Wood is coveted around the globe by eyewear enthusiasts and boutique owners, there are only six flagship stores in the world.

Here at 10/10 Optics, we’ve been believers since the beginning. We have not only been carrying the Gold & Wood brand for the past 12 years, but were selected as the official flagship location for the East Coast of the U.S., celebrating the official launch this Spring, in April 2016.

View a short video of the opening party for Gold & Wood’s flagship store here.

Classic & Elegant

Gold & Wood’s expert design is not a passing trend, but a classic, elegant and timeless journey for wearers who want the very best for their eyes and style.