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What Is An
Asian Fit Bridge?

Hint: You don’t have to be Asian to enjoy an Asian Fit. Asian Fit is an eyewear industry term to describe the shallower nose bridge and higher cheekbones typical in Asian cultures. Previously, there were little-to-no choices aside from the traditional bridge (nose piece) fit designs that would often slide down the nose or rest on the cheekbones.

Our Asian Fit collections are designed to sit higher on the bridge of the nose, lifting glasses away from the cheekbones. TC Charton, Alexandra Peng, ProDesign, and Say-Oh are among the most popular designers with alternative fitting bridges, and we have all four.

Custom Nose Pads

We'll add custom adjustable nose pads to almost any plastic frame to create the same effect. To find out more about this, email our Lab Manager:

Nose Bridge

Patient Pics

Alexandra Peng with rhinestones for dressy evenings

Finally tortoise shell frames that won’t slide down and hit my cheeks, TC Charton

Prodesign eyewear from Denmark with built in adjustable nosepads

Wearing our newest Asian Fit Collection from Say-Oh, her super long eyelashes will never brush against the lenses, or slide down on her pretty cheeks. Perfect fit~

Stylish sunglasses that fit just the right way – never sitting on your cheeks from Alexandra Peng

Say-Oh with Asian Fit bridge is a perfect fit every time. Very cool textured micro-stripes layered over solid white.

He’s wearing two tone Say-Oh Asian Fit Bridge. Perfect fit everytime!

ProDesign polarized sunglasses with adjustable nose pads and TC Charton in black matte Asian Bridge Fit, work.

Barton Perreira sunglasses and Matsuda for work. These two pair are the beginning of asn excellent eyeglass wardrobe

She always wanted eyewear that more exciting Perfect choice, Anne et Valentin ‪eyewearmakeover‬ was so dramatic and fun.

We put custom adjustable nosepads on this colorful Deloor. Now she has a perfect fit and the best comfort for her new eyewear.

‘Anne & Valentin frames fit me perfectly They have adjustable nosepads. I love my new look. My sister liked them too!’.