Eyewear Expertise: What is Luxury?

Consult a dictionary, and you’ll find “luxury” defined as a state of great comfort. Extravagance. Opulence. A bed of roses. Luxury eyewear is not about the money. Rather, it’s about the beauty and unique qualities that come with handmade designs from artists who work in different mediums that are both gorgeous and tactile.

Product Showcase:
Gold & Wood

We search worldwide for artisan eyewear collections created with both beauty and passion. Among the premier artisanal collections is Gold & Wood,out of Luxembourg , admired all over the world for their handcrafted designs of exquisite natural materials like wood, gold and buffalo horn. As the purveyors of finer eyewear, we are delighted to say that 10/10 Optics was chosen as Gold & Wood’s New York City flagship location.

Shine your Light!

Stand out in a crowd, especially at night under the bright NYC lights. Deloor (custom eyewear colors) WOOW (Fresh from Designer Nadine Roth) THEO (from Belgium)

Here’s how we do Matte!

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Lilli loves What Color?

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A little eye makeup!

‪#‎sundaytints‬ ‪#‎nomakeup‬ perfect colors for your ‪#‎neweyeglasses‬ hides those ‘morning after’ eyes! Would you? Could you?