Keep your eyes Updated!

Always use a current Rx for your new eyewear and/or contact lenses. Make your appointment with Dr. Rozenberg now!

Great Birthday Present!

Perfect birthday present ‪ for both, from the owner of to her honey. ‪ Would you say I LOVE YOU with a great new pair of specs? Share the love!

Our corner of Heaven

Although you can’t see our beautiful #opticalstore behind the trees on the NW corner of Madison Square Park, this is a wonderful pic of our beautiful location in NYC! Thank you David Cutler for the great pic😎


‪#‎DELOOR‬ CLOSEOUTS REG $350-$450 now $99 (while supply lasts). 5/27/15

This gave us quite a chuckle!

If your pushing them up too much, or they’re too tight or just plain crooked…. stop in for your summer tune up! Pick up some 10/10 Optics cleaning cloth and spray while you’re here.

Granite Glasses. It’s True!

Can you believe this? Her new 10/10 Optics #LucasDeStael eyeglass frames are stainless steel and GRANITE! Yes, GRANITE! This collection must be seen ASAP!

Liz wearing Granite! (yes, it’s true!)

Romantically in love with the stainless steel and granite, yessss GRANITE creations! These new Lucas De Stael frames that are gracing our shelves, simply stunning! (For guys and dolls).