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For more than 30 years we’ve been passionate about curating a best-in-class eyewear collection for our customers. We search the world for styles, designs and materials that are exciting, unique and artistically inspired.

Browse our favorite designers. Not sure if a frame will fit you? No worries. We have an excellent selection of Petite & Plus-sizes and Asian Fit eyewear for both men and women. We can also customize most plastic frames with adjustable nose pads for an even better fit.

  • Gold & Wood
  • Masunaga
  • Thierry Lasry
  • TC Charton
  • Alexandra Peng
  • DeLoor
  • Orgreen
  • eyeOs
  • Say-Oh
  • Blake Kuwahara
  • Bird & Cage
  • Pro Design
  • Theo
  • Bevel
  • Barton Perreira
  • Feb 31st
  • Ovvo
  • Woow
  • L.A. Eyeworks
  • Anne et Valentin
  • Lucas de Stael
  • i-Green
  • Ronit Furst
  • Eye Bobs
  • Maui Jim
  • Adam Mugavero
  • Herrlicht
  • Bellinger

10/10 Optics is proud to be the NYC Flagship for Gold & Wood Eyepieces.
These hand-crafted designs are created with innovative veneers and woods from regions around the world. Each piece will have its own unique texture, depth and dimension.

Bird & Cage frames are handcrafted from natural buffalo horn. Each pair is a one-of-a-kind creation by master optician Max Shustovskiy. Each one taking several days to finish and featuring outstanding wearing comfort and dramatic design.

Although these creations look like eyeglasses we know the truth! Each piece is hand carved from blocks of different exotic african woods and inlaid with silver, stones and gems. To wear a Mugavero is to own a unique sculpture eyewear design.

Alexandra Peng Charton, the designer of TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear, has recently unveiled her namesake collection, Alexandra Peng, a luxury line of women’s ophthalmic and sunglass styles designed specifically for patients with Asian features.

Having grown up in the optical industry, Thierry Lasry developed the skill and experience to create a collection of unique shapes and dramatic color combinations both elegant and bold, vintage and modern.

Asian designer Alexander Charton has created this special collection of plastic “Asian Fit Eyewear” designed specifically for asian facial characteristics. A perfect fit every time.

The frames of Barton and Patty Perreira embody the ageless and iconic: they might be from 20 years ago (albeit more tech savvy), or 20 years from now. With over 50 subtle frames in a range of rich colors and patterns, this luxury line transcends the obvious.

This Belgian line expands the horizon. Fearless in color, whimsical in shape, innovative in design, the brand puts high drama into playful context. Lenses “rise” out of horizontal platforms. Asymmetrical frames seem to “wink.” Rather than “design for design’s sake,” these glasses are also extraordinarily wearable.

Designed by Rick Nelson and Richard Mewha, these titanium glasses are a study in contrasts. Pairing one color—say, a subtle one—with something completely unexpected yields intrigue, focus, and sheer pop.

Fused Surgical Steel and Titanium meet paper-thin woods from West Africa to Central America. Light as a feather, stronger than Superman!

This French brand is personality-driven eyewear at its sharpest. The dynamic frames are slyly inspired by art (i.e. cubism), design (i.e. architecture), craft (i.e. calligraphy), and fashion (i.e. animal print). The man-made materials (untreated steels, or matte plastics with clean edges) are lovingly presented, nearly organic in feel.

Custom designed FSC certified poplar wood frames. Super thin sheets in almost endless color combinations.

This Parisian brand adorns its peepers with paper-thin allure. Specifically, the stainless steel frames are married to slivers of rich leather, grained wood, even snakeskin. The effect is elegant and mesmerizing.

Masunaga has been producing eyewear in Japan since 1905. Wearers of these trendsetting Japanese glasses are bold and creative; they’re looking to stand out, to remain eight steps ahead of the curve. For now, the line translates the organic (color, shape) into attractive, wearable combinations.

Designed in Denmark, these plastic frames are mistake-free: wearable and trendy, without crossing lines. With their adjustable nosepads, they also open up a world of possibilities for those with low nose bridges.

These ready readers are for nonconformists, trend setters and free spirits. You can create your eyewear look outside of the predictable. Your age does not define your look.

Each i-Green colorful frame fits perfectly, weighs only 5 grams, guarantees comfort, in color combinations that bring joy.

This sunglass line has earned deserved respect for its quality (all lenses are polarized) and innovative design.

A Deloor frame is like a personal rainbow: distinct, hopeful, and above all fun. No two are alike: even in the same color range, your pair has unique markings and an utterly one-of-a-kind shape (achieved by the way in which they’re cut). Each frame draws a beautiful feature out of the wearer, be it skin tone, or hair and eye color. Exclusive to 10/10 Optics.

The founder of this line is a famed Israeli ceramics artist. Donning glasses for the first time, she decided to make the experience fun and personal by doing what she does best, and painting them. The frames themselves are typically high-quality plastic, and their whimsical polka dots, bright stripes, chess board patterns, and colored bridges form playful, colorful, wearable art.

La Eyeworks Logo

“We design eyewear to celebrate the diversity of faces and the uniqueness of individuals. The glasses we make are sparks of our imagination. You complete these thoughts and bring the dreams of l.a.Eyeworks into being.” — Co-Founders, Barbara McReynolds & Gai Gherardi

An artistic eyewear collection, designed by the soprano Anne-Marie Faniel. Hand made in France with recycle materials,and sold all around the world.

(pronounced ehr-grin). Inspired by the clean lines of classic cars and aircraft, Orgreen glasses are provocative without arrogance. Well suited for designers and other creatives, the frames are strong in both shape and color. The brand’s color advisor first creates unique, exclusive color ranges—and then brings them together in unexpected combinations like coconut white, jet black, and pink.

With its versatile frames and timeless looks, Oliver People’s brings quality and style to a range of wearers. These frames work well on both men and women.

eyeOs is the most exciting line of reading eyewear that’s just too cool for Granny and too good to call readers! The eyeOs collection is produced from cotton, and is colored with all-natural pigments derived from vegetable extracts and minerals.

Young, lyrical, colorful and full of pop, the designs of the Woow collection are sure to make you smile.

Designed by Andreas Licht (light in his native German), these wooden frames are like art. Signed and numbered, each bears its imprint in walnut, pecan, oak, ebony. The frames bear no metal: wooden “pegs” serve as hinges, and add a design element. 10/10 can change the peg colors: from blond to black, walnut to pecan, etc…

Say-Oh Eyewear

Created in Japan by ex-pat Chris Esposito this Asian Fit collection is an eclectic artistic grouping of colorful designs that range from playful to classic. To match the unique shapes of the nose Say-Oh has different styles of bridge fit both original very comfortable.