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Luxury Eyewear


Luxury eyewear is not about the money.
It’s about the beauty and unique qualities that come with handmade designs from artists who work in different mediums that are both gorgeous and tactile.
There’s joy in owning something special!


Luxury Gallery

10/10 Optics Gold & Wood Goldleafed Wood Luxury Eyewear

Worldwide trendsetter Gold & Wood FLAGSHIP LOCATION featuring handcrafted eyewear at 10/10 Optics NYC

Created & Sculpted by Artist Adam Mugavero

Deloor, renowned for their unparalleled stacked color combinations

Wesley Knight Buffalo Horn creations made-to-order

10/10 Optics Herrlicht Wood Handmade Luxury Eyewear

Woodworker Herrlicht 100% Wood, No Metal Parts

Handcrafted by master technician Max Shustovskiy, Bird and Cage

Lucas de Stael innovative combinations
of stone, leather, and stainless steel

10/10 Optics Feb31st Custom Color Wood Luxury Eyewear

Feb31st Custom Wood Color Palettes in Layered Patterns