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Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure in which rigid lenses are customized to create a change in the shape of the cornea, allowing patients to wear lenses at night for unaided vision the next day. As with standard rigid lenses, the process begins with the design of a tear layer. With Ortho-K, the goal is different – to create changes in the corneal topography while you sleep. It’s a concept similar to wearing orthodontic retainers.

Ortho-K is ideal for near- and far-sighted patients, as well as patients over 40 who find they need help for everyday reading (presbyopia) but don’t want to wear reading glasses.

Ortho-K is a perfect choice for any adult who is active during the day and doesn’t want to deal with contact lenses or glasses. It’s also a great choice for children who need vision correction – without the hassles of caring for contact lenses or glasses during school, at sport or other daytime activities.

Studies show that Ortho-K lenses often stop progression of myopia in children. Dr. Rozenberg has had young patients with relatively high vision correction prescriptions who start Ortho-K at an early age and avoid anticipated increased vision loss, as they grow older. Once they choose to stop Ortho-K or wear glasses, their prescription is similar or close to when they were young.


Q. Will my OK lenses hurt?
A. At first, the lens may be slightly uncomfortable as you get used to the feeling of a rigid lens. Once your eyes are closed there is generally no feeling, and within a few weeks, even the brief time the lens is on while awake, it is no longer noticeable.

Q. How fast work Ortho–K work?
A. Usually patients experience major changes the first night, but some people need 1-2 weeks to achieve clearest vision.

Q. How do I care for my lenses?
A. Ortho-K lenses are easy to take care of and just require a quick rub and soak each morning when you put them away. Our staff will teach your how to care for your lenses.

Q. How long will Ortho–K last?
A. The daily vision correction from Ortho-K will last as long as you wear your lenses during sleep.

Q. How many follow up visits will I need?
A. Dr. Rozenberg likes to see patients after 6 months, to monitor and make any subtle adjustments if needed.

Q. Will this help me pass the vision test for the FBI and other law enforcement jobs?
A. Yes, you will be able to pass the unaided vision exam. Many pilots wear Ortho-K lenses and they are approved by the FDA.

Q. Are children good candidates?
A. Children are ideal candidates for Ortho-K and very easily adjust to wearing and caring for the lenses. Studies show that Ortho-K may slow down and even prevent the progression of myopia and astigmatism.

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