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Petite & Plus Sizes

Just as clothing manufacturers offer special collections for Petite & Plus sizes, so do eyewear designers. We have an excellent selection of Petite Eyewear & Plus size Eyewear for both men and women. Our priority is to find the frames that best match and complement your facial features. We’ll get the fit right and put the inside on the outside!


Petite Eyewear

Q. Are you tired of wearing kid-sized frames?

A. Your answer has to be YES! Size does matter. When you finally put on a chic, attractive and perfect fitting eyewear frame, you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

Plus Size Eyewear

Q. Wouldn’t it be great to have lots of choices for your perfect fit?

A. Picture this: “I love so many of them and they all fit me so perfectly. Which one should I get?” Wouldn’t you love to have a collection of eyewear that fits the way you’ve always imagined.

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And why just stop at eyeglasses?
Image expert Carol Davidson at StyleWorks of Union Square specializes in dressing the Petite & Plus client. Mention 10/10 Optics and receive $50 off a color and style consultation.

Styleworks of Union Square